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Stand up pouches or Doypack [trademark]

A Stand Up Pouch or Doypack is a sealed plastic pouch that is designed to stand upright due to its fold out base being oval in shape. Stand up Pouches or Doypacks are commonly used for coffee beans, health seeds & nuts, powders or beverages to name a few. They can be manually or machine filled.

[The Stand up Pouch or Doypack was invented in 1962 as a packaging for fruit juice and olives, by the French inventor Louis Doyen, president of Thimonnier Company. The trademark "Doypack" (from DOYen PACKaging) is filed internationally and is owned by Louis Doyen.] – Wikipedia quote.

Our stand-up pouches or Doypacks are absolutely stable and well suited for products where it can be resealable with a zip lock and presentation in a retail environment is excellent.  Stand-up pouches or Doypacks can boast light weight material with high barrier proof properties.

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